Botanical printed scarf PURPLE TOUCH
Botanical printed scarf PURPLE TOUCH
Botanical printed scarf PURPLE TOUCH

Botanical printed scarf PURPLE TOUCH

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Hand printed, nature designed.

Scarabajo Scarf is a beautiful garment for chilly evenings.
Every single shawl is hand printed individually, and is unique as every leaf in nature. Each print is the result of a generous real leaf who through an alchemy process has left it's mark for us to enjoy it's beauty.

This is the perfect plant between fashion, elegants and nature. Look fabulous and also feel conscious and proud about what you are wearing.

This beautiful accesory can be versatil and became a aesthetic decor and be part of your home, let your imagination to play. This little piece of Nature is the perfect gift for you or someone special, who doesn't love Nature?

9" by 50"

100% Rayon - this beautiful cellulose textile is made with pulp coming from wood, cotton and other left overs fibers.  
Every color that you can see is from a natural source such as flowers, bark, roots, species, etc.
All the leaves are sustainably collected in the PNW.

Leaves and pigments used:

Wash it by hand with cool tap water. India Flint, in her book “Eco colors” says -the water has to be perfect for a baby bath- I would say that that’s a very precise reference.

The best detergents are PH neutral. After some testings at home, the best is the unscented dishwasher in very tiny amount just enough to generate some bubbles.

Preferably dry them outdoor and in the shade, or in the morning light. The middle day sun can consume the colors.

Made by Scarabajo