"Hand printed, Nature designed"

Hello, my name is Atenas. I love human creativity and the pure beauty of nature. I am satisfied to be able to preserve it and transmit it in a sustainable way by transfering its shapes, colors and textures on natural elements such as textiles, leather and ceramics, thus generating pieces “one of a kind”. Trusting that this work brings people closer to valorate and appreciate in a deeper way the magnificence that our surroundings have to offer us with the hope that this causes a real and transcendent link with our own existence based on respect and love for our home, our planet.

Let me tell you about it...

Eco printing or botanical printing is a technique developed in recent years with millenary knowledge of natural dyeing; in which plants, leaves, bark, flowers and roots leave their shapes, pigments and tannins marked on natural textiles, paper, and ceramics.

Nature has a universe of color within it, it can be tannins or pigments that are being released during this process by means of heat, mordantation and dye baths.

Each piece is unique and unrepeatable even if they are the same kind of leaves and procedures. Everything will depend on the season of the year when the leaf was collected, the minerals added, the type of fabric, the previous mordanting process, the pH of the water, etc... there are so many factors that will determine the outcome that each print is still a surprise for me as well… this is the magic of this art.

Every leaf is individually placed by hand on the previously mordanted textile, covered by the reactive fabric and rolled on a wooden stick and steamed for a certain time. After cooking, the fabric is left for a couple more days so that the fibers can fully extract the color or tannins released by plants.

It is worth mentioning that eco printing is a branch of natural dyeing still in it’s infancy, where every leaf has the power to take you on an incredible journey full of colors and shapes.

It’s basically a wonderful world full of possibilities that nature offers to us.