About Me

Greetings, fellow magic seekers! I'm Atenas, your whimsical guide into the enchanting world of botanical artistry. Imagine me as a botanical artist with a heart brimming with passion, dedicated to capturing the eternal beauty of nature and weaving its magic into every creation.

Through the ancient arts of botanical printing and natural dyeing, I conjure pieces that are nothing short of magical. Sourced sustainably from the mystical landscapes of the Pacific Northwest and beyond, my materials form a tapestry of wonder. Each work of art is a spellbinding dance of patterns, colors, and textures inspired by the very essence of the natural elements.

Who's invited to this enchanting journey? Artists, crafters, and all you botanical enthusiasts seeking the secrets of natural dyeing and botanical printing – join me as we unravel the mysteries of creativity together! And for those enchanted souls in search of sustainable, handmade treasures that resonate with the magic of our planet, you're in for a treat. My art not only captivates the eyes but also carries a deeper meaning, preserving nature's wonders and fostering a profound love for our Earth.

Picture me not just as a botanical artist, but as a romantic, passionate enchantress on a quest for the extraordinary. My mission is to guide kindred spirits who share a love for the magic of nature, value sustainability, and yearn for one-of-a-kind treasures reflecting their connection to the environment. As a pioneer in Artisanal Sustainable Design, I'm here to help you infuse magic into your life through creativity, nature-inspired aesthetics, and sustainable living. Let's embark on this magical journey together and create something extraordinary!